Toastmaster - Countertop Gas Griddle (Thermostatic)

Stainless steel front and top
Rear and sides are aluminized steel
Thermostatically controlled burners with standing pilot
Wrapped around with a 3-inch splash guard
Provided with aluminized drip pan
3/4" rear gas connection
Rests on 2-1/2" adjustable steel legs

Toastmaster - Countertop Gas Griddle

Front including top rail is all stainless steel
Rear and sides are aluminized steel
Hi-off valve with one standing pilot for each burner
3/4" rear gas connection
Provided with aluminized drip pan
Rests on 4" adjustable legs

Toastmaster - High Efficiency Griddle

Stainless steel front, sides with aluminized rear bottom
Infrared ceramic atmospheric burner - no air blowers
Solid state temperature controller for each heating zone
Full automatic pilot ignition with flame loss detection
1 inch-thick polish rolled steel plate
Side grease can at left and right
3/4" gas connection
Rests on 6" caster wheels

Toastmaster - Electric Countertop Griddle

Stainless steel front, back and sides, aluminized rear
Mechanical thermostat and heating indicator light with stainless steel guard on control panel
1/2”thick griddle plate
Wrapped around with 3” splash guard
Wirings are to be connected at the terminal block
Full-width stainless steel grease trough mounted at the front area
Rests on 4” adjustable legs

Toastmaster - Sandwich Grill

Stainless steel body construction
Cast aluminum grill plate top and bottom
Mechanical thermostat and dual function ON/OFF switch
Simultaneous top and bottom grilling and/or bottom grilling
Top grill can be adjusted from paper thin to thick sandwiches
Provided with power cord
Available in plain (S) or grooved (P) plates

Toastmaster - Electric Countertop Hot Plate

Top case and mounting flange are fabricated from stainless steel. Body is encased in aluminized steel
Solid round hotplate with element embedded in ceramic and permanently bonded to the plate
Infinite switch temperature controller and heating indicator light with stainless steel guard on control panel
Wirings are to be connected at the terminal block



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