Toastmaster - Countertop Electric Charbroiler

Stainless steel front, top and sides, with aluminized steel rear and bottom enclosure
Mechanical thermostat and pilot light with stainless steel guard on control panel
Removable cast iron grids with grease pan
Wrapped around a 2-1/2 inch-high splash guard
Wirings are to be connected at the terminal block
Rests on 4" high adjustable stainless steel legs

Toastmaster - Countertop Gas Charbroiler (Radiant)

Front including top rail is all stainless steel
Rear and sides are aluminized steel
HI/OFF gas valve with one standing pilot for each burner
3/4" rear gas connection
Rests on 4" adjustable steel legs
Wide or narrow branding by inverting grates (1/4" or 1/8")
Equipped with grease pan and stainless steel radiant plates

Toastmaster - Countertop Gas Charbroiler (Lava Rock)

Stainless steel front and top rail. Rear and sides are aluminized steel.
Hi-off valve with one standing pilot for each burner
Dual branding grates
3/4" gas connection
Rests on 4" adjustable steel legs
Equipped with grease pan, lava rock grid and lava rocks

Toastmaster - Shish Kebab

Stainless steel front and rear panels
Inner panels are aluminized steel
Adjustable bullet feet
HI/OFF gas valve and safety pilot valve
Burners and pilot light turn on easily
Cast iron radiant
Provided with stainless steel drip pan
3/4" rear gas connection
Rests on 4" adjustable steel legs


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