The patented maxi mould is designed and manufactured for the industrial and automated production of raw prosciutto portions for slicing. The system consists of a series of superimposed moulds, each composed of rectangular tubes, welded together to form a shelf. An axial-stroke pusher is installed under each tube to press the prosciuttos placed inside the tubes of the mould pictured below. The prosciuttos are pressed so that each portion has a uniform cross-section with a determined length. Two prosciuttos may be placed in each tube and may be pressed together (single bar) or separately.

Sequence of Operation

  • Robot unstacks maxi mould to empty
  • Chain handles maxi mould
  • Press prosciutto into the maxi mould
  • Robot stacks full maxi mould to be pressed
  • Washing machine for maxi mould
  • Press machine for totem


New technologies for old traditions. Supported by the trust of our customers, we have revolutionized the process, introducing the latest generation of robot and handling systems.

Full automation of the entire system, from salami-making to packaging:

  • Component preparation

Ve.Ma.C.’s Fully Automatic Functions:

  • Pick-up and orderly positioning of the salamis on poles
  • Loading and unloading of these poles onto racks ranging from 4 to 5½ meters high
  • Movement of the racks with robotized vehicles
  • Unloading of the salamis and feeding of the packaging line


  • Loads without the aid of an operator, up to 5.5 m high racks
  • Loads small or large salami to be sliced without difficulty
  • Positioning the salami on poles according to dimensions, allowing the optimum air passage