Born in Southern California and rooted in a mix of stunning geography, idyllic weather and healthy, adventurous cuisine. It’s an environment that drives innovation, comfort, and ingenuity. A place that is the envy of a nation cursed to conform to the seasons. It’s only natural that a superior outdoor suite of cooking equipment would come from here. Where better to craft the perfect luxury lifestyle products?

The Professional Life is all about the details. It’s luxurious living, and hand craftsmanship. It’s foods prepared on the finest materials money can buy. Crafted by those who know their art. New technology designed and implemented by edgy thinkers, determined to elevate the culinary arts, no matter what’s being prepared - from traditional BBQ to luxurious recipes.

The Lynx Professional isn’t for show, it’s a work of art. It’s not about glamour, it’s about cooking on a superior machine. One so well engineered and built, that it can seamlessly blend into an elegant outdoor room, but perform on par with its professional restaurant cousins.

Our unrelenting attention to detail and our passion for innovation have fostered the stunning features that define the Lynx Professional Series. These features begin with meticulous hand - crafted excellence, and they culminate in powerful capab ilities that give you precision control. They give you the power to perfectly finish a baseball cut of top sirloin, smoke a swordfish steak, slowly brown a rotisserie leg of lamb, or even char a leaf of lettuce without wilting the edge.

If you are accustomed to tasting the best that the world has to offer, then you have been waiting for the Lynx Professional Series.