JOSPER is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine. It is aimed at a very demanding profession: the HoReCa sector. It is also highly rated by Steak Houses, Brasseries, Tapas Bars, Bistro-cafes, Traditional restaurants and Haute cuisine.

Our company philosophy has always been related to two terms that initially appear to be contradictory: TRADITION and MODERNITY. Our slogan reflects this: “Yesterday’s taste with today’s pace®” is not just a phrase that embodies the main strengths of our ovens, but also reflects our feelings as a company and as individuals.

We have been developing and innovating based on the same product for over 50 years, combining tradition and the knowledge of local craftsmen with the most innovative design and production technologies, in order to obtain a product that is unique in the market.

We use high-tech steel alloys and local components of the highest quality to create a robust and reliable product that is suitable for a highly demanding sector like professional catering and hospitality.