Globally leading the way in preparation for packaging with all configurations of systems that align, convey and load virtually any type of cylindrical product.

Drake high performance loaders are custom designed to your product specifications with an alignment unit and loading head. Maximum yields are achieved, while maintaining product integrity and aesthetics. Using patented technology, product is indexed and aligned into individual buckets to convey to the loading head for placement into packaging. Touch screen controls allow the easy addition of new recipes and rapid adjustments to various areas of the loader to accommodate variety.

The minimization of human contact and easy cleaning procedures result in state-of-the-art-sanitation.



Quickly load fragile products such as cooked sausages and fresh cheese sticks. Unscrambler belts are used to sort and launch product. Models enable flexible film and box loading. Product diameter range - 14 to 32mm in 1, 2, 3, or 4 lanes.


Fragile, curved natural casing product falls onto a narrow V-Belt to be arranged into flights on the conveyor. Primarily used to feed robotic loading heads. Product diameter range - 17 to 44mm in 1 or 2 lanes.


Frankfurters, sausages, vienna sausages, snack sticks, pickles, corn dogs, and other products fall into flights with the aid of stirrer paddles. Product diameter range – 12 to 32mm in 1 or 2 lanes.

Centrifugal Feeder

A variety of cylindrical product types are collected on a circular disc, mounted on an angle. This rotates at variable speeds to place product into flights. Product diameter range - 15 to 30mm in 1 lane per CF.


Mechanical Placement

Versatile loading heads offer quick changeover times to precisely deliver product into a variety of pocket configurations. A CLX or SWP head mechanically places product into packaging dies.

Robotic Placement

Adjusts to the flow of product through one easy-to-operate control platform and touchscreen for the entire system. High speed end of arm tooling gently picks and places into packaging equipment. Drake custom food grade robotics were developed to increase capacity and maneuverability while remaining easy to program and maintain.

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Packaging Solutions for

Packaging Machines, Trays, Boxes, Cans Jars, Bags.